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International Sales & Marketing


Are you passionate about international trade on a superior level?

Do you also want to gain knowledge and competencies that will enable you to professionally and independently handle job functions related to international business efforts in the markets?

Then read on!

A Professional Bachelor Degree in International Sales & Marketing will give you just these opportunities as well as detailed insight into and understanding of the internal and external factors that influence trade in Danish and foreign settings.


About the programme

The Professional Bachelor Degree programme in International Sales & Marketing Management is a top-up programme designed for graduates of the AP Degree programme in Marketing Management focusing on the following fields:

  • Marketing 
  • Logistics 
  • Law 
  • Management 
  • Economics

On the basis of electives, you will be able to influence your professional profile a great deal. In connection with the internship and your final bachelor project, you can even influence your profile further. 


Job and career 

Learn more about your job opportunities


Specialisation in Africa - become a first mover!

Achieve specialist knowledge about the African growth market and do your internship on this enormous continent!


For many years, the East has been in focus as the largest growth market. However, this tendency is changing. In recent years, the world's leading economic experts have pointed to Africa as the market with the greatest growth potential, and many Afircan countries are already seeing high growth rates.


With a specialisation in African trading, UCN Export & Marketing want to increase focus on the African continent in students and businesses alike. The African trading specialisation is a supplement to the ordinary study programme in International Sales and Marketing, but it does not prolong your period of study. This means that you must apply for admission to the specialisation and state the reasons why you should be granted one of the 20 exclusive annual places on the specialisation programme.


For you as a students this means that you will achieve new and attractive specialist knowledge about the new growth markets in Africa. Furthermore you will get the chance to test your acquired skills in Africa during the compulsory internship period. Learn more about this unique specialisation option - click here - and about internships in Africa - click here.   

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