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I want to be the link between development and production

Student Mikkel Bülow:
“Three exciting things about my programme: Cross-disciplinary work. Working to understand which models and theories that suit which ‘real-world situations’. Learning to understand users’ and clients’ implicit and explicit needs and requirements”.


Product Development & Integrative Technology


Study on the Product Development & Integrative Technology programme at UCN in Denmark

Product Development & Integrative Technology is of 3 semesters’ duration (1.5 years) and is a top-up programme that aims to provide students with competencies within product development and/or development of services.

The programme is innovative in the sense that it is the first and only study programme that not only has a professional technical focus on product development but also strives to give students the competencies to actively integrate specialisations from other professions into their work.


Entry qualifications

  • An AP Degree in Production Technology (only Danish-taught at UCN)
  • An AP degree in Service Engineering – either HVAC or Electricity & Strong Current (only Danish-taught at UCN)
  • An AP Degree in IT Network and Electronics Technology 
  • An AP Degree in Automation Engineering 
  • An AP Degree in Energy Technology

Other relevant technical educations may also qualify you for admittance.



In addition to the professional fields that you learnt about on your AP Degree programme, the Product Development & Integrative Technology programme will also focus on:


Philosophy of Science Product development methods
Design Project supervision and management
Innovation Technology development
Sustainability Environment


On this programme, it is highly important that students work with business related issues during the first phases of a product development cycle from idea to test / “0” series. In practise, some project groups will advance further than others in relation to the product development model.


The three specialisations

The Product Development & Integrative Technology programme offers three different fields of study:

  • Product development/design & production 
  • Installation, automation & energy 
  • IT & electronics

The teaching and learning activities for each specialisation are based on, and further develop, the academic and professional standards that are achieved through the degree that qualified the student for admission to the programme. To the widest possible extent, we will try to plan lectures in a way that will enable you to follow individual courses on the other two specialisations as well.

Any given week will typically consist in interdisciplinary instruction, subject specific instruction, interdisciplinary project work and individual studies. Each student will be allocated a process supervisor (interdisciplinary with a specialisation in product development) as well as a specialisation supervisor (who has academic knowledge within your chosen specialisation).


Going abroad

During your Bachelor Degree programme in Product Development & Integrative Technology, you will have different opportunities to go abroad. In practise, going abroad during studies means that you will go away on an internship which may take place anywhere in the world.


In other words, you can take an active part in shaping your education in Product Development & Integrative Technology the way you like it. The study programme already has contacts with different Danish businesses in Hong Kong.

Learn more about your international possibilities under “Study abroad”.


Graduated students

With a professional Bachelor's Degree in Product Development & Integrative Technology, you will be able to take part in product development processes and control and manage them. You should be able to make a considerable contribution to the meaningful integration of several technologies in the development of products and services of a business.


Your job title could be e.g.:

  • Industrial process consultant
  • Project staff
  • Project manager of development projects

Furthermore, you should be able to actively involve end-users in the development phase through user-driven innovation.


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